Helipad Lighting System

The helipad lighting scheme provides effective visual cues for pilots for night landings. It should enable a pilot to easily locate the position of the helipad, in an often well- lit congested area of a city or town, at the required range. The lighting should then guide the helicopter to a point above the landing area and provide visual cues to assist with the touchdown.

Aluminium Offshore supplies the full range of lighting system which is fully compliant with ICAO and CAP1264. The complete system consists of

  • Green perimeter lights
  • LED flood lights
  • Illuminated wind sock

Circle and H LED lighting system installed on a ground based heliport in Scotland

In addition to the standard lighting system, CAP1624 also recommends helipad owners to consider the use of a lit touchdown / positioning marking circle and a lit helipad identification “H” marking to eliminate the ‘black hole’ effect and glare caused by the flood lights and improve visual cueing during landing.

We supply a number of supplementary helipad visual aids to assist helicopters operating to a rooftop helipad located in a congested area. These include

  • Heliport Beacon
  • Visual Alignment Guidance System
  • Visual Approach Slope Indicator
  • Flight Path Alignment Guidance Marking / Lighting System
  • Approach Lighting System
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